Why should your mobile app layout align with your WordPress theme?

WordPress is an amazing platform for any new age business, organization or even an individual.
It is one of the easiest, most affordable, and customizable CMS platforms that suits all kinds of
WordPress is a huge community aided with many other platforms as well. Thanks to
technology, advanced tools, third party plugins, themes, etc., it has become even more
effortless to create a website on WordPress and then convert the WordPress website to an app.
Wondering why are we mixing websites with apps? Honestly, the two are inseparable in the age
of smartphones and one is necessary to complement the other.

Therefore, if you already have a mobile app for your WordPress website or are planning to get
one, then you must try to match the two in terms of aesthetics, functionalities, and
Why is this important and how can it be achieved with minimum effort? Read this article till the
end and find out. Implement the suggestions listed here and make the most of your website
and app.

Perks of keeping your mobile app & WordPress theme consistent

WordPress theme can be defined as the group of graphics, style sheets, code, etc., that
determine the overall appearance of your website. You can align your mobile app with your
WordPress theme based on your choice of creative assets, design decisions, and more.
Let us discover the benefits of keeping the theme of your WordPress website and mobile app
appearance consistent:

1: Achieve brand consistency

A study shows that 87% customers feel that brands should do more to deliver a consistent
experience. Harmonizing your website and app layour can help in this regard.
Identify your business goals and objectives and also determine your target audience cautiously.
This will help you create a coherent and consistent brand image. With the same creative
guidelines, you will be able to achieve brand consistency in terms of aesthetics and
functionalities, and the representation of your brand will also enhance.

2: Promote instant recognition

Using similar brand assets across all platforms makes your brand easily identifiable and
recognizable. It enables you to catch the immediate attention of your consumers. This can aid
your marketing and promotional endeavors and help increase engagement.

3: Cultivate customer trust

Maintaining visual and functional consistency can help reduce the cognitive burden on your
audience and promote easy brand identification. This ultimately enables your customers to
relate to your brand and trust it. However, having different types of aesthetics and interface on
different platforms can have a negative effect on your audience and confuse them.

4: Increase conversions

All the points listed above like brand consistency, easy recognition, trust building, etc., boil
down to the fact that aligning your website and mobile app experience can lead to more
engagements and hence also amplify the conversions.

5: Boost brand loyalty

Maintaining consistency between your website and app will also help you boost brand loyalty.
It will help your consumers interact with you on multiple platforms and thus their session time
and frequency may also increase. It will also become easier for you to push your website users
towards apps and hence increase their brand loyalty and lifetime value.
How to ensure consistency on website & app

Now that you know how important it is to keep your website and app layout consistent, let us
find out how you can achieve it. Implement the suggestions listed below and conquer more

1: Define your brand guidelines

Have a defined brand guideline so that you and the people in your workforce or anywhere else,
use similar brand assets and designs across platforms. Hand-pick trendy and suitable design
assets for your website and use similar graphics, design assets, etc., for your app.

2: Fix a color palette and typeface

The choice of colors and font can have a huge impact on the overall visual appeal of your brand.
Ensure that your graphics, text, etc., suit various screen and device settings, and types. Instead
of choosing colors on the fly and experimenting too much, stick to a defined color palette and
typeface and use it for both your website and app.

3: Mirror website & app aesthetics

As discussed in the sections above, keeping your website and app aesthetics consistent can
amplify your engagements and conversions. This can be easily achieved if you build app with an
online app creator like AppMySite that lets you upload your own creative assets and customize
the app as per your website’s aesthetics.

4: Match functionalities and contents

While a mobile-app experience will be far more advanced than a website or even a mobile site
experience, you can still match the basic settings, functionalities, and contents of your website
with your app for the sake of consistency. This may include the menu, app features, design and
layout, navigation based settings, CTA buttons, and more.

5: Keep website and app in sync

Keeping your app in sync with the website can take the load of updates off your shoulder. For
instance, if you build your app with AppMySite, you can sync your website with app and auto
populate and update content from the website to the app. This will help you achieve absolute
consistency across both the platforms and offer a 360 degree solution to your consumers.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know how aesthetic consistency can be met on your website and app, go ahead,
and implement it. If you do not have an app for your website, then build one now!

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with your website, is to create it with AppMySite’s iOS and Android app builder software. It
does for apps what WordPress does for websites.
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